An enterprise hosting service built on rock solid bare-metal gear, custom assembled, individually tuned, and proactively managed. All services below are housed in our custom built server room in Northwest Indiana, owned and operated by Mindpack Studios Inc.

We provide our members the education, respect, and management tools they need to efficiently operate our service-tuned dedicated hosting platform. We've built the strongest foundation of dedicated hosting infrastructure at the lowest possible price point.


A performance focused and fully scalable DNS solution. Designed for maximum vertical scaling of DNS requests across a geographically diverse landscape. DNS designed by a service provider, for service providers, without compromise.

  • Outage mitigation with multiple geographic locations
  • 4 nameservers with geographic diversity
  • 2 second RR update propagation
  • Wide Range of RR types with user-configurable TTLs
  • Split Horizon to allow greater in-network flexibility and security


A standards-compliant e-mail solution with fast synchronization, a privacy conscious design, and zero proprietary software. An e-mail solution that delivers e-mail without any bolt-ons and is committed to never spying on your communications. A business quality e-mail product which delivers e-mail to the client quickly and effectively, without turning them into a commodity.

  • Non-Proprietary - Standards compliant IMAP/SMTP services
  • Proactive Security/Privacy
  • E-mail as a 1st class citizen (no e-mail eavesdropping)
  • Built-in 7 step spam prevention system
  • Full client support - Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple, Android


Website hosting tuned for high performance business class CMS websites with guaranteed security isolation via dedicated user accounts. The performance draining overloading of typical shared hosting infrastructure is eliminated by using large burstable bare-metal equipment.

  • Dedicated process execution per website.
  • Large memory and CPU reserves with full busting capability.
  • Bare metal systems eliminate the compute latency of virtualization
  • Nightly Automated + Manual Snapshots

KYNGIN Database

MySQL and PostgreSQL database solutions specifically tuned for highly sustained transaction counts. Hosted on highly over-provisioned SSD's while keeping all live content hot in memory.

  • Minimum target of 10k/Write IOPS & 100k/Read IOPS
  • Large enough buffers to store most DBs in system memory
  • Nightly Automated + Manual Snapshots

KYNGIN Storage

(Work In Progress) Large file store provisioning designed for backup or network file storage. Systems are built with large arrays of spinning disks for cost effective storage allocation, coupled with SSD+RAM caching to maximize performance and usability while keeping costs competitive.

  • Built for performance and uptime.
  • Large RAID subsystems with Fast SSD's for caching layer
  • Supporting SMB, SFTP/FTPS, SCP/SSH, RSYNC, (NFS in testing)
  • Visual graphs of changed files over time
  • Downloadable lists of file changes by time window
  • Nightly Automated + Manual Snapshots

KYNGIN Project Mercury

(Work In Progress) A security conscious design allowing for low level access to heavy weight virtual machines over customer-dedicated VPNs (user-managed/os supported access options include VNC, SSH, RPD, etc). Dedicated compute with 1:1 vCPU:pCPU ratios. Dedicated resources per client attached to their own 25Gb KYNGIN VLAN, with dedicated NAT translations and firewall rules.

  • Security first - Dedicated Virtual Client Network (per district)
  • Honesty - Zero Overcommit (Unshared CPU / Memory)
  • Built-in VPN, VNC, DHCP only on client network.
  • Committed IOPS per reserved drive GB size
  • 12 Hour Automated + Manual Snapshots

All KYNGIN facilities benefit from a private label, wholesale experience. Our technical staff have been professionals in the technology field since the late 1990's providing a rich history of use cases where these solutions can deliver exceptional RoI. This history of living with technology professionally for 25 years allows us to deliver quality solutions specific to a clients needs. We focus on delivering products that will withstand the test of time by supporting open protocols and standards. And we continue to stay affordable by custom designing each of our facilities hardware and software stack specific to that services project goal.

As mentioned above, All KYNGIN facilities aside from Project Mercury (and NS servers NS3 & NS4) are hosted entirely on bare metal, with zero virtualization for maximum sustained performance. These services are hosted in our physical location, none of them are cloud services hosted by 3rd parties.

Our target audience are those looking for best-in-class, platform-agnostic, dedicated hosting environment where clients get to talk directly to the vendor residing on-premise. The vendor that builds the software, assembles the hardware, and routes the data. We operate the facility, we built the software, network, and designed and implemented the data nodes. Our customers get answers quickly to any concerns they may have directly from the source.

KYNGIN® is a registered trademark of Mindpack Studios Inc